Pronounced (Ko-dah), is an adventurer with a profound love for life!

For more than a decade Kodua has masterfully captured the 
complexities and wonders of the human experience as a photojournalist. 

Her relationship and love for the Creator of Life frames both her interest and the vantage point 
for the stories she tells through her camera lens. 

Whether urban, rural, rich, poor, young, old, domestic, or international,
 Kodua consistently exhibits an uncanny capacity to both see and record life.

Captivated by a wide variety of interests, Kodua is drawn to themes of 
personal story, culture and traditions, family, faith, animals, and bees. 

She has not only raised chimps but her passion for bees has led her to become a beekeeper 
and devote her talent and resources toward the preservation of these incredibly important pollinators.

Born and raised in the beautiful surroundings of  Louisiana, Kodua relocated to Southern California in1986 and 
established herself as a successful entrepreneur and talented photojournalist. 

Kodua has had the privilege of shooting photographs for such diverse organizations as the Israeli Tourist Board;
The Center for Great Apes; Foursquare Mission International; ADVANCE Magazine, Pathway Magazine; CBS’s Touched by an Angel; as well as numerous private engagements globally.

Her international travels include Norway, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Australia, 
Switzerland, Cuba, Mexico, Israel, Jamaica, Hawaii.  .
              Kodua Galieti - International Photojournalist 
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